Why Bimuno®?

Finding a functional ingredient that offers tangible commercial and consumer benefits is no easy task given the abundance of different products on the market and the frequently unfounded claims made by many manufacturers.

By choosing Bimuno® you can be confident you are choosing the best. Other similar products may claim to be the same but none of them offer the proven benefits of Bimuno® ……put quite simply Bimuno® gives you MORE!

What is Bimuno®?

Bimuno® is a patent protected Galacto-oligosacharride (GOS) mixture produced from dairy lactose utilising a proprietary enzyme system derived from the probiotic organism Bifidobacteria bifidum, the predominant species in the gut of healthy breast-fed infants.

The use of probiotic enzymes (an approach which is unique to Clasado) produces a prebiotic product which is highly selective towards certain types of beneficial gut bacteria.

Bimuno’s unique structure, one that is similar to human milk oligosaccharides (HMOS) produces functionality not demonstrated in other prebiotics. Consequently, it has been termed the world’s most advanced and only second generation prebiotic.

MORE HEALTH for your customers

Bimuno offers the widest range of clinically proven benefits, including for digestive and immune health of any commercially available prebiotic.

MORE GROWTH for your business

When considering the development of new product lines incorporating functional ingredients, R&D, marketing and financial teams will examine compatibility, scientific evidence and pricing. By choosing Bimuno® you can be confident we will meet your exacting requirements and more.

MORE QUALITY assurance

In an increasingly demanding food safety and quality environment it’s reassuring to know that Bimuno®’s manufacturing and product quality standards are maintained to the highest possible standards.

Why Bimuno®?