Wellness - A Journey

Wellness and the Gut

There has been a growing scientific interest in the human colonic ecosystem in recent decades and its relationship with human health. Colonic microorganisms have been identified as the key element of this ecosystem, impacting digestive abilities, nutrition, health and wellbeing through the supply of nutrients, elaboration of signaling molecules and interaction with intestinal epithelial and mucosal immune cells. This important knowledge has led to the development of dietary strategies that aim to maintain or provide benefit to the host, with application focus on probiotics and prebiotics.

Clasado Technology

Bifidobacteria represent one of the numerous probiotic groups that make up less than 10% of the human microbiota. However the real physiological contribution of them seems to be far greater than this would suggest, and dependent on age and diet. 

1 The Brain
Prebiotics can help with the reduction of stress. Bimuno has been shown to alter neurotransmission in the brain, helping to...
2 The Mouth
Bimuno could play a role as adjuvant treatment of periodontal disease when antibiotics are used in its management.
3 The Upper GI Tract
Bimuno escapes acid hydrolysis and enzymatic digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract and enters the lower gut without change to...
4 The Small Intestine
Here is where most of bacteria in our body reside. They provide us with physical barrier to incoming pathogens, produce...
5 The Large Intestine
Pathogens attach them selves on the lining of the small intestine and thus cause various problems in the body. Bimuno’s...

The Real Benefits