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The positive effect of Bimuno on the elderly immune system

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Clasado and University of Reading demonstrate effect of advanced prebiotics on the immune system of the elderly in human study 

Clasado Biosciences Limited, the producers and suppliers of the second generation prebiotic Bimuno® (B-GOS), a unique trans-galactooligosaccharide, and the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of Reading, UK, announce the results of human research demonstrating the positive effects of an advanced prebiotic (Bimuno) on the immune system of the elderly. The study also produced further evidence of the interrelationship between the microbiota in the human gut, specifically bifidobacteria, and the immune system. B-GOS (Bimuno) is the only prebiotic to have demonstrated an immune modulating effect on the immune system of healthy elderly subjects. 

The results of the study are published in the British Journal of Nutrition in a paper entitled “Influence of galactooligosaccharide mixture (B-GOS) on gut microbiota, immune parameters and metabonomics in elderly persons”. The study confirms the results of a separate study published by Clasado and the University of Reading in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The combined study results showed that the consumption of B-GOS (Bimuno) produced a very positive effect on both gut microbiota and the immune systems of the elderly. In the elderly, both the immune system and the gut microbiota weaken and deteriorate with age. Reversing those changes in gut microbiota can therefore support the immune system and boost gut health. The results are also applicable to other groups that are affected by immune system deterioration, including those that have used antibiotics, or experienced high levels of stress.  

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July 28, 2015

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