Clasado has been developing products which will revolutionise the concept of ‘healthy eating for all’, an extension of the proven concept of general health being linked to the digestive system and diet.

Our research program has been conducted mainly by the School of Food Biosciences at the University of Reading based in the UK. Over the last ten years our research has focused on the method for ensuring that the 'beneficial' bacteria already present within the gut grow at a much faster rate than the 'harmful' bacteria and so maintain a positive gut balance. Through this we have achieved a new and novel method of manufacturing a novel prebiotic which acts as a specific food (prebiotic) for the 'beneficial' bacteria. This novel product is classed as a second generation GOS prebiotic because its functionality extends beyond its prebiotic properties. In addition it has:

  • clinically proven immune defence properties
  • unique, scientifically proven, anti-pathogenic properties which help prevent certain pathogenic (bad) bacteria from invading our digestive system.

Recent peer reviewed, published, clinical trials cover the novel product’s efficacy in:

  • producing a prebiotic effect (increasing the good bacteria at the expense of the bad bacteria)
  • producing a bifidogenic effect (increasing and strengthening the body’s immunity boosting bacteria)
  • producing a favourable prebiotic and bifidogenic effect within 7 days
  • helping to support the immune defences of the elderly
  • helping to support digestive health
  • helping to support gut health while abroad
  • helping prevent pathogenic forms of E.coli from invading the digestive system (in-vitro)
  • helping prevent pathogenic forms of Salmonella from invading the digestive system (in-vitro and in-vivo).

This product was launched as a health food supplement in March 2007 under the brand name Bimuno.

For more information on Bimuno, including its clinical trials, please visit www.bimuno.com

There is also a formulation for animal use (Bi²tos) which is currently under development by Clasado.

For more information on Clasado, please click on the contact us link.